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Moonspell ‎– Lusitanian Metal DVD

Moonspell ‎– Lusitanian Metal DVD

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Moonspell ‎– Lusitanian Metal DVD
Moonspell ‎– Lusitanian Metal DVD
Century Media


DVD1 Content DVD 1  
DVD1 Part 1: Live At The City Of Ravens (Katowice 2004)  
DVD1-1 Intro  
DVD1-2 In And Above Men  
DVD1-3 From Lowering Skies  
DVD1-4 Alma Mater  
DVD1-5 Vampiria  
DVD1-6 The Southern Deathstyle  
DVD1-7 Everything Invaded  
DVD1-8 Opium  
DVD1-9 Devilred  
DVD1-10 Abysmo  
DVD1-11 Ruin & Misery  
DVD1-12 Mephisto  
DVD1-13 Full Moon Madness  
DVD1 Part 2: Touch Me In The Eyes (Video Clips)  
DVD1-14 Opium  
DVD1-15 2econd Skin  
DVD1-16 Magdalene  
DVD1-17 The Butterfly FX  
DVD1-18 Nocturna  
DVD1-19 Everything Invaded  
DVD1-20 The Making Of "Everything Invaded"  
DVD1 Part 3: Knowledge  
DVD1-21 Discography  
DVD1-22 Graveyard Impressions (Interview)  
DVD2 Content DVD 2  
DVD2 Part 4: Small Hours - The Early Years (1992-1994)  
DVD2 I. Live Rehearsals  
DVD2-1 Intro  
DVD2-2 Serpent Angel  
DVD2-3 Wolves From The Fog  
DVD2-4 Ancient Winter Goddes  
DVD2 II. Moonspell's First Show  
DVD2-5 Intro  
DVD2-6 Goat On Fire  
DVD2-7 Wolves From The Fog  
DVD2-8 Hymn To Lucifer  
DVD2 III. Supporting Cradle Of Filth  
DVD2-9 Intro  
DVD2-10 Tenebrarum Oratorium Part 1  
DVD2-11 Goat On Fire  
DVD2-12 Vampiria  
DVD2 Part 5: Strange Are The Ways Of The Wolfhearted Tour  
DVD2 I. Supporting Napalm Death  
DVD2-13 Erotic Alchemy  
DVD2-14 Ataegina  
DVD2-15 Trebraruna  
DVD2 Part 6: Perverse Almost Religious Tour (1996-1997)  
DVD2 I. Krakow 1996  
DVD2-16 A Poisoned Gift  
DVD2-17 ...Of Dream And Drama  
DVD2-18 An Erotic Alchemy  
DVD2-19 Love Crimes  
DVD2 II. Dortmund 1996  
DVD2-20 Intro  
DVD2-21 Wolfshade (A Werewolf Masquerade)  
DVD2-22 Love Crimes  
DVD2-23 Vampiria  
DVD2-24 ...Of Dream And Drama  
DVD2-25 An Erotic Alchemy  
DVD2-26 For A Taste Of Eternity  
DVD2-27 Alma Mater  
DVD2 Part 7: It's A Sin Tour (1997-1999)  
DVD2 I. Coliseu 1998  
DVD2-28 EuroticA  
DVD2-29 Magdalene  
DVD2-30 Vampiria  
DVD2 II. Ermal 1999  
DVD2-31 Let The Children Cum To Me...  
DVD2-32 Dekadance  
DVD2-33 EuroticA  
DVD2 Part 8: The Butterfly Effect Tour (2000-2001)  
DVD2 I. Coliseu 2000  
DVD2-34 I Am The Eternal Spectator  
DVD2-35 Can't Bee  
DVD2-36 Lustmord  
DVD2 Part 9: Darkness And Hope Tour (2001-2003)  
DVD2 I. Release Party For "Darkness And Hope"  
DVD2-37 How We Became Fire  
DVD2-38 Ghostsong  
DVD2 II. Ermal 2002  
DVD2-39 Angelizer  
DVD2-40 Mephisto  
DVD2-41 Firewalking  
DVD2 Part 10: Spreading The Eclipse Tour (2003-2005)  
DVD2 I. With Full Force 10th Anniversary  
DVD2-42 In And Above Men  
DVD2-43 From Lowering Skies  
DVD2-44 Opium  
DVD2-45 A Walk On The Darkside  
DVD2-46 Nocturna  
DVD2-47 Southern Deathstyle  
DVD2 II. Istanbul 2004  
DVD2-48 Alma Mater / Vampiria  
DVD2 III. Athens 2004  
DVD2-49 The Antidote  
DVD2 IV. Hard Club 2004  
DVD2-50 I Will See You In My Dreams  
DVD2-51 Tenebrarum Oratorium Part I  
DVD2 V. Tejo 2005  
DVD2-52 Awake  
DVD2-53 For A Taste Of Eternity  


This is the first release from 2008, there was a re-release in 2009.

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  • Barcode: 5051099759077