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Nat King Cole ‎– The Platinum Collection 3 LP

Nat King Cole ‎– The Platinum Collection 3 LP

Liste Fiyatı : 260,00TL
Taksitli fiyat : 12 x 23,01TL
Havale/EFT ile : 249,60TL
Nat King Cole ‎– The Platinum Collection 3 LP
Nat King Cole ‎– The Platinum Collection 3 LP
1-1 Unforgettable
Songwriter –Gordon*
1-2 Mona Lisa
Songwriter –Livingston/Evans*
1-3 Too Young
Songwriter –Lippman*,Dee*
1-4 It's Only A Paper Moon
Songwriter –Rose*,Harburg*,Arlen*
1-5 Lush Life
Songwriter –Strayhorn*
1-6 Perfidia
Songwriter –Dominguez*
1-7 Autumn Leaves
Songwriter –Prevert*,Kosma*
1-8 Mood Indigo
Songwriter –Bigard*,Ellington*,Irving Mills
1-9 I'm In The Mood For Love
Songwriter –McHugh/Fields*
1-10 When I Fall In Love
Songwriter –Heyman*,Young*
1-11 Let There Be Love
Songwriter –Grant*,Lionel Rand
1-12 The Very Thought Of You
Songwriter –Noble*
1-13 St Louis Blues
Songwriter –Handy*
1-14 Nature Boy
Songwriter –Ahbez*
1-15 Open Up The Doghouse
Songwriter –Fishe*,Alfred*
1-16 Ramblin' Rose
Songwriter –Sherman*,Sherman*
1-17 The Blues Don't Care
Songwriter –Berlin*,Abrams*
1-18 Send For Me
Songwriter –Jones*
1-19 A Blossom Fell
Songwriter –Cornelius*,Barnes*,John*
1-20 Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You
Songwriter –Razaf*,Redman*
1-21 Who's Sorry Now?
Songwriter –Kalmar*,Ruby*,Snyder*
1-22 It's All In The Game
Songwriter –Sigman*,Dawes*
1-23 Stardust
Songwriter –Carmichael*,Parish*
1-24 Walking My Baby Back Home
Songwriter –Ahlert*,Turk*
1-25 Orange-Coloured Sky
Songwriter –Delugg*,Stein*
2-1 Smile
Songwriter –Chaplin*,Parsons*,Turner*
2-2 Sweet Lorraine
Songwriter –Burwell*,Parish*
2-3 (Get Your Kicks On) Route 66
Songwriter –Troup*
2-4 Straighten Up And Fly Right
Songwriter –Mills*,Cole*
2-5 Avalon
Songwriter –Jolson*,Rose*
2-6 The More I See You
Songwriter –Warren*,Gordon*
2-7 You Are My Sunshine
Songwriter –Mitchell*,Davis*
2-8 Laura
Songwriter –Raksin*,Mercer*
2-9 At Last
Songwriter –Warren*,Gordon*
2-10 Fly Me To The Moon
Songwriter –Howard*
2-11 Blue Moon
Songwriter –Rogers/Hart*
2-12 There Goes My Heart
Songwriter –Silver*,Davis*
2-13 The Late Late Show
Songwriter –Berlin*,Roy Alfred
2-14 There Will Never Be Another You
Songwriter –Warren*,Gordon*
2-15 Do I Like It
Songwriter –Hammer*,Leston*
2-16 Because You're Mine
Songwriter –Brodsky*,Cahn*
2-17 This Can't Be Love
Songwriter –Rodgers/Hart*
2-18 On The Street Where You Live
Songwriter –Loewe/Lerner*
2-19 Pretend
Songwriter –Parman*,Lavere*,Douglas*
2-20 Looking Back
Songwriter –Hendricks*,Benton*,Otis*
2-21 Whatcha' Gonna Do
Songwriter –Cole*
2-22 Tell Me All About Yourself